Cheese Facts

Proteins & Vitamins

Cheese contains high quality proteins, calcium, potasssium, phosphorus and fat soluble vitamins - a huge range of nutrients in a small portion of food.

Lactose - The Facts

Many people worry about lactose in cheese, but most cheese is almost lactose free!

Portion Sizes

Many people wonder why the French eat so much cheese yet don't seem to have the same weight problems that we English suffer from.

Cheese Helps You Sleep

The myth about cheese keeping us awake and giving us nightmares was started by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol.

Cheeseboard vs Pudding

If you have the cheeseboard instead of a pudding, you will avoid a sudden spike in sugar levels which you would get from a sugary dessert.

Cheese Makes Us Happy

Cheese contains an amino acid called tyrosine, which makes us feel good and aids stress recovery.

Cheese with Bread or Crackers

If you eat cheese with bread or crackers, the protein in the cheese slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.