Food & Wine Pairing

Whilst we love cheese and wine as a pairing, there are of course many other food and drink combinations that are equally delicious. We have written a few short articles below that will give you an insight into some of these pairings.

Pairing Wines with Other Foods - The Basics

Cheese is the classic pairing for wine, but of course there are a whole load of other foods that are enhanced by selecting the right wine to compliment them. Here is our simple guide to matching wines with your favourite dish.

Single Malt Whiskies Paired with Cheeses

One of our most popular Tutored Tastings is Single Malt Whiskies with Cheeses. We have written a short article about what we found works best in this unexpected pairing combination.

Wines for the Barbeque

When those barbecues will be come out of their winter hibernation and get fired up for those lazy weekend lunches and chilled out evenings, thoughts turn to what wines work best with barbeques. So what wines do we recommend for barbecue dishes?